Kellie and Kathie

2011-05-04 - 15:26:38
Jag säger bara fyfan! Jag kollar på The Oprah Show idag och det handlade tvillingar, 2 tjejer som blev sexuellt utnyttjade av sina 2 bröder och deras far, asså det var så hemskt så jag började gråta!
Kellie Henderson was just a child when she was forced to do the unthinkable: stand guard for her oldest brother Andrew while he raped her twin sister Kathie in the basement of their family's Wichita, Kansas, home.

Kellie knew all about the horror Kathie was going through—because it was happening to her too.

According to the twins, Andrew started molesting them when they were 5 years old and he was 10. At a time when most kindergartners are having play dates and living carefree lives, Kellie and Kathie were being fondled and molested in their own home—at the hands of a sibling. Soon, the twins' other older brother Matthew also began abusing them, and Kellie and Kathie say there came a time when they were being raped almost every day.

After years of living in fear, Kellie and Kathie worked up the courage to tell their mother what was happening. She told the twins' father...and he raped them too.

Watch Kellie and Kathie tell their story in their own words. Watch

Now, at 19, Kellie and Kathie are speaking out about their chilling childhood and the brave neighbors who helped them escape their abusers. "By coming forward, police tell us they have already had a profound impact on their hometown so we thought, 'Imagine the effect their story could have on our audience around the world,'" Oprah says.

For years, they raped their twin sisters Kellie and Kathie. Now, hear what Andrew and Matthew have to say to their sisters from prison.

Asså jag förstår inte det här, varför! Klicka på länken ovan så hör ni vad dom säger! För mig är det helt sjukt! Kommentera gärna vad ni tycker!!!

Kellie and Kathie

Skaffa er ett liv istället, snälla! Jag blir så arg och ledsen på samma gång....

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